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iPhone IMEI INFO ( SERVER 3 ) FULL GSX ( WIFI MAC Address) + Sold By + Replacement + Case History + Case Details


Coverage Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Coverage End Date: 08/20/19
Estimated Purchase Date: 08/19/18
Purchased In: Italy 
Loaner: N
Details : "This unit is covered by an Apple Limited Warranty
Parts and Labor are covered."

Part Description: iPhone 8 Plus Initial Activation Policy ID: 10

Serial Number: F13DQ62UZK5L2 Initial Activation Policy: Unlock.

IMEI: 35487484780925 Last Applied Activation policy ID: 10 

IMEI 2: Last Applied Activation Policy: Unlock.
MEID: Next Activation Policy ID: 10
CSN/CSN2/EID: Next Activation Policy: Unlock.
Bluetooth MAC Address: First Activation Date: 08/20/18
Wi-Fi Mac Address: A056F193D036 Last Activation Date:
Software Version: 12.0.1 Last Restore Date: 10/10/18
Software Build: 161B04 Unlock Date: 01/20/19
Carrier: Unlocked: true
ICCID: Unbricked:
Carrier 2:

100703039056 - Consumer Activation Lock Support: Case Note

Repair Icon
Replacement Details
Serial # IMEI # IMEI 2: Type Replacement Date
G28TV3T1HG7F 35487484780925 Active 07/26/17
F17TR7BPHG7F 355309338975368


If the imei doesn't have replacement or case, will not be shown.

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